Ginhawa Lalom


When a woman is going through a particularly intense contraction during a natural labor, a midwife might say to her, “Breathe deeply.” In Bisaya/Visayan, this phrase is “ginhawa lalom.” You don’t expect to say this to a baby, but if a baby is born and has difficulty transitioning to breathing, you might!

I wrote last week of a baby who was born with difficulty breathing and had to be transported to the hospital. I asked for prayer, and I myself have been praying every day for the baby and her parents. God has been gracious!

Within two days, we midwives received a message from the mother that the baby was breathing well in hospital. The baby was released, and the mother came for a postpartum visit at the birth center, and she saw me for the check-up.

What a beautiful baby girl to see, breathing normally and breastfeeding well! She is already back to her birth weight. My soul magnifies the Lord for this precious life.


Thank you, Jesus!

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