Praying for Babies


The first week in Davao City has gone by in a blur of night shifts, day shifts and swing shifts, catching sleep here and there, attending births and taking breaks when possible. Every morning when I wake, every night when I sleep, and many times throughout the day, I am praying. I am asking others to pray, too.

I have two special prayer requests for babies. I’ve seen several normal, healthy births and babies, but I also attended a birth this week, and during the newborn exam, I saw the baby boy had a congenital malformation of the lower lip. This might not be serious, but it might be related to other issues the baby had: a small placenta with extra lobe, transient cyanosis of the upper face, an oddly shaped ear. We referred the family to a pediatrician. Please pray for the baby’s healing and healthy growth.

Another baby, a girl, had a difficult time transitioning from the womb to the world. Born floppy, she did not breathe right away, and after giving her air (PPV) and blowby oxygen, we had to transport her to the hospital. Please pray that she makes a full recovery and that she will soon be reunited with her mother and father.

Jesus said, “I came that they might have life,
and have it more abundantly!”
John 10:10 


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