Full Circle: I AM Children’s Family Orphanage


DSC00908At the end, we come back to the beginning.

Before I left California for Uganda, I met with a Ugandan children’s choir touring in SoCal to raise funds for I AM Children’s Family orphanage in Kampala. My brother Andrew hosted the choir in his home, I later met the directors, and they kindly connected me to their dear people in Uganda, where I was able to enjoy the hospitality of my friend Ruth – and the smooth driving skills of another friend, Simon, who took me from place to place as needed. This sister and brother in Christ took good care of me during my final days in Uganda, and I am so grateful to them, as I was ill and needed the help.

I was able to visit the I AM Children’s Family Orphanage, and I can tell you, it’s doing a lot of good work for a lot for children. The needs of the place are on going. When I visited, I personally began to pray for a missionary or NGO feeding program to get connected with the place as well as some folks who could revamp the home and grounds through a sustained program of remodeling. Please keep the children of I AM Children’s Family Orphanage in your prayers, too.

Dreaming of a remodel … 

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  1. So cool – aren’t God’s connections way better than ours. So happy for the new friends and their ability to help while you were sick and to take you around as needed. Hugs – Ellie

    Ellie Allyn, C.P.M. E-470 & Smoky Hill Road, Centennial , CO 80016 Tel: (303) 693-9401 E-mail: eamidwife@aol.com; web site: eamidwife@webstarts.com

    “For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful. ” Ps. 139: 13 & 14

  2. We are so happy for all that you experienced, Jane, and for how God kept you productive and SAFE. Praise His Name! We are praising God for the wonderful choir and their gracious hosting of you –and the drive they made to get you where you had to go! God, please bless them! And we hope to bless them, too! Thanks for posting! Mom and Dad

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