Naming Margaret


17 September 2013

Today Nelda came to visit. She is a locholo in Parawaca. On Wednesday, she gave birth at home in the care of Apiyo Grace, a locholo trained by Karamela. She had a daughter, anyaka malang (a very beautiful girl!), her fourth child. It was so nice to see her.

When I asked her the baby’s name, she said I should choose it. “Me?” I said. “You!” So I looked at this sweet baby girl’s face, and I said, “Margaret.” Margaret is a common English name here, and it means pearl. “Pearl” is my favorite poem in the world, and the image of the pearl is precious. It is also the name of my friend, Sister Margaret, who lives close by here at St. Monica’s school.

Always the pearl reminds me of the parable of great price that Jesus told to illustrate that it is worth it to give up everything in this world to seek the salvation of God.

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