Chai with Sister Margaret


19 September 2013

DSC00590After three weeks of holiday, school has resumed at St. Monica’s next door to Ot Nywal Me Kuc. This morning, I walked over to visit Sister Margaret and found her lining up little children (ages 4-5), then leading them in the Lord’s prayer and a lovely song. She turned them over to their teacher, and we went to have morning chai together with Sister Doreen, who has returned from giving a workshop/retreat on stewardship to sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus living in another part of Uganda.

The three of us had a good long conversation, part of it dedicated to the Kuramatango (spelling??) tribe and their ways. In the course of it, Sister Margaret told Sister Doreen how I had been visiting her while she was away: how I would walk around the St. Monica campus, bird-watching with a cup of tea in my hand – and praying. I was so touched that she thought of these details about me!

When Sister Doreen left to attend to some paperwork in the office, I told Sister Margaret about the baby I had named Margaret, thinking of her, and I told her I would bring pictures of the baby to show her. She said that I should also tell the mother to come visit her “so that I can see my baby.” 🙂 Then Sister Margaret and I prayed together, since Sister Margaret knows I am leaving the birth center tomorrow to begin my long journey home.

Sister Margaret said another thing to me about how we became friends during this time of the school holidays when all theDSC00592 children and most of the staff of the school were away from the campus. She said, “You were listening to the cry of the bird, but it was my cry that you heard, because I was alone.” This touched my heart so much.

There are so many people faithfully serving God all over the world, and they may feel very alone at times, but God shows his goodness to us in this: that he brings friendship into our lives.

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  1. Didn’t realize that you were coming home so soon. This has been an incredible journey for you. So grateful for all you have been able to do for yourself and those around U. – Hugs – Ellie

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