Another Baby Jane!


DSC00596With midwife Rosie,
I helped to welcome this baby to the world last night …

19 September 2013 … To me, this baby girl is very special. Her mother has been pregnant nine times, three times with twins. One pair of twins died shortly after birth, and another pair died when they were three years old of illness. Fortunately, the surviving twins are now seven years old and doing very well, as are this mother’s other children.

The mother is now forty-seven years old, and this is her first child with the husband she was able to marry after she was widowed. She did not think she would have more children as she was entering menopause. As you see, this girl is a very special baby!

She is deeply loved already.

p.s. This mom decided to name her baby Janie. When the mother asked me to name her daughter, I suggested Rosalyn, after her mother and her primary midwife, but the mother asked me, “What is your name?” So I told her, and she gave my name to her baby! We proceeded to have a splendid time taking pictures to remember the moment …


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