Concerning Kevin


15 September 2013

Kevin is a common girl’s name here. In American, it is a man’s name, but when I said this to Christine, she laughed! To her the idea that a man might be named Kevin (as opposed to a woman) seemed silly.

Recently a woman named Kevin came here in preterm labor – she’s not due til November – brought on by a UTI. It appeared that her water had broken, so we were concerned and planning to transfer her to hospital, but contractions stopped, she stopped leaking water (suggesting that her bag had resealed itself, which can, thank God, happen), and her pain from the infection began to go away as she drank water and took antibiotics (and even received a little prayer on her behalf :)). It made my heart happy to see this woman smile as her condition improved.

After a day or so, Kevin’s mother and husband came to visit her, and they had words (as the saying goes) over her illness. It came out that Kevin’s husband has been very abusive toward her during pregnancy, forcing her to have sex against her will and maltreating her in other ways. So Kate explained to him that this was not acceptable, and then she turned to Christine and urged her to speak freely about the need for him to change his ways. Christine did.

Christine had been about to catch a transport to Gulu to visit her family. “But for this,” she said. “I am willing to delay.”


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  1. Very good news – hopefully it changed his ways and maybe other men as well ? ? ?

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  2. Very good, Jane. Women often need support. We do not know the extent of the suffering they are enduring in these situations. Sometimes the women themselves do not consider their own pain until it comes to their minds at a time of reflection, much later. Child-rearing and taking care of the home can so fill one’s time, there is little time to stop and think. These Ugandan women are doing even more, far more, than is expected of American women. They often must manage to grow their food, process and prepare it, while facing the challenges of weather/climate, and keeping up their homes and families. How exhausting. God did make us exceedingly strong as human beings. Still, it is sure wonderful that we can support those with the greater burdens, with prayer, medical attention, and emotional support. God bless you all in your work.

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