Victory at One Week!


31 August 2013

DSC00465Remember Victory? She was the seventh baby I caught here. Her mother came back to have her baby weighed here at the birth center, walking all the way from Pupwonya.

We’re glad she did. When the baby was born, she was quite small, and our midwife Stephanie suspected inter-uterine growth restriction (IUGR). When I did the baby’s initial gestational age assessment, there were mixed signs, some suggesting maturity and others prematurity. IUGR seemed like a good way to describe what we were seeing.

We were concerned when mother and baby went home. Would baby breastfeed well? I encouraged the mother strongly, “Daro, daro!” Breastfeed, breastfeed! What about that body weight most newborns lose in their first week of life? We really didn’t want Victory to lose any weight at all.

And do you know what? She didn’t. She gained 200 grams – exactly the right amount for a newborn in weeks 2-4 of life – and surprisingly good for a newborn in her first week of life. Thank you, Jesus!

One of my favorite parts of that visit was when the mother said that she named her daughter Victory “because I believe in God.” Amen. Another one of my favorite parts was taking pictures of this beautiful mother-and-child.



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