Singing with the Sisters in Gulu


18 August 2013 

Gulu is the largest town near the birth center here in rural Acholiland. I went there last weekend (August 17th-19th) for a short rest – and some decent internet access (which I got, hallelujah!). While in Gulu, I stayed with the Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus at their compound, where they live, run a school for girls, and offer hospitality through their guest house.

There I met Don Dunson, a Catholic priest visiting from Ohio, and learned of the books he has written about this area: No Room at the Table, Child-Victim-Soldier, and Citizen of the World. (I am looking forward to reading them!) Father Don conducted mass while I was there, and that was my favorite morning, because the sisters played two simple but lively percussion instruments, a drum and a flat, metal shaker, and I got to sing with them:

Hosanna, hosanna, hosanna in the highest!
The angels are singing, ‘Hosanna in the highest!’

The song replays in my heart – so beautiful.


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