Kate “MacGyver” Prendergast


Do you remember that TV show, “MacGyver”? Admittedly, it’s from back in the day, but the hero was a man who could get locked in any broom-closet by the bad guys and then cleverly get himself out with a paperclip, a piece of string, and a few stealthy-ninja moves. Never thought I’ld know a midwife like that, but I do: Kate.

For Kate, there is no such thing as garbage, for instance. She’s taken to recycling our empty milk packets and scraps of cotton left over from dress-making:  she turns them into purses and wallets. She makes shelves where there are no shelves. She stands on top of the pharmacy counter and works her magic with our supplies. She’s put in a new extension on an old faucet so we can turn it on and off easily, duct-taped the split in one of our water-hoses so it will stop leaking, installed a small fridge in our “staff” room so we can chill a few things … and that’s not even half of the story.

Kate’s amazing – really!

In her spare time, she draws maps of the local area on her hut and gives herself the occasional pedicure. Wise, witty, and wonderful. Amaari, Kate!


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