Bodies Buried on the Side of the Road


30 August 2013

I was walking back to the birth center from getting my water when two men walked out with some of our supplies in their hands: sterile gloves and plastic sheeting. A bit unusual. What would two men, about to ride away on a boda-boda, want with supplies the midwives here use to do cervical checks and support mothers as they birth their babies?

As it turns out, the road that goes past here, from Gulu to Sudan, is being paved for the first time, and as the workers were digging to expand it, they found bodies that had been buried beside it seven years ago.

Seven years ago, of course, a war was on and Joseph Kony and the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) were busy killing the Acholi people. Our translator, Lakere Christine, told us that the Acholi used to bury their dead quickly because if soldiers found people burying those they had killed, they would kill them, too. Dead bodies were just the set-up for another ambush.

Even today, one of our Ugandan midwives, locolo Akwero Katherine, is going to a meeting of the survivors of the massacre that took place near here some years ago. Her firstborn son was killed at that time. He was fourteen years old.

IMG_5393Katherine with a new baby


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