Baby Jane


20 August 2013

DSC00352DSC00357When I was in Gulu, lots more babies were born back at the birth center, and I wished I could have been in two places at once! It was really a joy to come back, however, and meet the newborns: tiny twin girls, healthy and thriving … and the daughter of a woman named Grace.

I had the chance to support Grace during her postpartum recovery, and she asked me my name. “Jane,” I said. “Jane?” Yep. She asked me to name her baby, and I suggested Evelyn. Yet when I said this, Katherine, one of our Ugandan midwives, said, “Why don’t you give her your own name?” And Grace said she would name her baby after me, Jane! And that’s what she proceeded to call her baby.

DSC00351Baby Jane

Many of the babies in this area are named after the midwives who have helped them to come into the world. I have been asked to name several babies, and I always pray and try to ask the Lord for a good name. I have felt like it would be presumptuous to give my own name, but here, mine was the one Grace wanted, and I was very happy to give it to her and to her daughter.

Grace & Jane

p.s. It’s very interesting to me because the mother’s name is Grace and the name Jane means “the grace of God.” The meanings of the two names are closely related. I pray that this little girl’s life is full of God’s divine grace forever.



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