A Note to my Sister


23 August 2013

Dear Alice Frances, my sunshine ~

I miss you, Alice Frances! “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine … ” J  I wish you were here with me in Uganda. Yesterday, there was a huge, beautiful rainbow in the sky—a full arc—and Rosie, the new midwife who recently arrived from Israel, said, “Did you know that rainbow is the sign of the contract that God made with Noah?”

The day before that, I attended a woman in childbirth whose name is Alice – your name! I caught her sweet baby girl … and I was thinking of you. The mother and I named the baby girl Frances. We talked about how Alice means “the truthful one,” and Frances means both “from France” and “frank” or “honest.” It makes sense for a mother named Alice (“truthful”) to have a child named Frances (“honest”). I told her about you, my sister, and your name, Alice Frances, and how Frances was our grandmother’s name, too.

These Acholi women are very strong, and they have great faith in God. Just as you are my sister, they are my sisters in the Lord. I just feel that we are all a part of the great family of faith, and I am glad to know we will spend eternity together in heaven even if our time of knowing each other here on earth is brief – but so beautiful. Being with women when they give birth to their children is such an amazing joy.

I love you so much, dear Alicia, and I will see you soon!

Love, joy, peace,



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