The Birth of Josiah


16 August 2013 

One of the first prenatal appointments I did here was with Cirace. I was doing the prenatal alone with one of our translators, Kristine. At the end of the prenatal visit, Cirace said to me, “I am praying that you will be my midwife.” I said, “I am praying for that, too.”

Yesterday, after I returned from outreach to Okidi where I completed seventeen prenatals with our CNM, Stephanie, and our translator, Viola, I was in the birth center re-stocking prenatal vitamins when a pregnant woman came in who was clearly in hard labor: it was Cirace!

“Choli?” I asked her. Are you pushing? And Karmela, one of our Ugandan midwives, said, “Not yet.”

Cirace has given birth to seven children. I knew this could go fast. So I moved quickly to get her prenatal chart and start her labor record. Even as I entered her little room again to start taking her vitals, she was already lying down to push. I set down the chart and started looking (rather urgently!) for a pair of gloves, asking Karmela to get Kate, our lead midwife, please.

Kate arrived as Cirace was pushing her baby’s head out. She said to me, quite calmly, “A midwife centers herself.” The baby emerged in the caul with nuchal cord. I peeled back the caul, unwrapped the cord and placed the baby boy skin-to-skin with his mother. He cried vigorously!

Later in the night, with Nighty as translator, I was able to tell Cirace that I remembered her very well and how we were praying that I would be her midwife. Here, God answered our prayer.

Cirace asked me to name her baby. I named him Josiah, which means, “loved by the LORD.” Thank you, Lord.

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