6 August 2013

Sometimes mothers come to our birth center for their prenatal appointments – and twice a week, we go out to meet them in their parishes and villages. Yesterday, I went out with Stephanie, a certified nurse midwife, and Viola, our translator, and Viola’s baby, the beloved Maggie, to meet with more than 20 women in Palukere.

In the course of checking blood pressures, we discovered one women on the verge of preeclampsia in her first trimester of pregnancy and referred her for further care. We treated urinary tract infections (UTIs) and yeast infections. We discovered fibroids and a probable tumor. We palpated mamas’ bellies to discover the positions of babies, and we listened to their hearts. They all have strong hearts!

The process of getting medical history with the help of a translator is time-consuming but invaluable. We learned many things about these women’s lives and health, and we helped them as best as we could. I am praying that the needs of these women and their babies will continue to be met.

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