Consider the Lilies of the Field


I come from a families of seamstresses. My grandmother’s maiden name was Taylor (a variation of “tailor”), and my great-grandmother said of her that she could sew a straight seam by age three. (Yes, I said three.) Tiny fingers doing such delicate work! My mother followed in her mother’s footprints. I love the way she expresses her creativity through sewing. I’m lucky because she blesses me through it!

For my trip to Uganda, she made a light, cotton dress for me, altered a skirt I had been given from Tanzania years ago so that it now fits me, and she is, at this very moment, patching a pair of jeans that I would really like to take with me. I am so thankful! It’s always good to have clothes that are suitable for the season. Thank you, Mom!

Consider the lilies of the field … They neither toil nor spin.
Yet not even Solomon in all of his splendor was dressed like one of these!

Jesus (Matthew 6:28)

DSC00087Jesus says that we don’t have to be anxious about what we will eat or what we will wear. Yet I know that I’ve worried about both of those things, and I know that families living in poverty in the developing world today worry about them. But God’s provision is endless, and it comes to us and through us to others.

Today, for instance, when I was at Church on the Hill in Vallejo, Pat, Maria and Cierra gave me baby clothes, hats, and blankets to bring with me to Uganda to give as gifts to the families served by Mother Health International. I’m so excited to be able to share these gifts. Thank you, Pat, Maria and Cierra!

Jesus also says we don’t have to worry about tomorrow. Speaking of tomorrow … that’s when I’ll catch my plane out of Oakland, CaliforniaSAMSUNG and begin my 26 hour trip to Entebbe, Uganda. So I was glad to receive prayer today from a missionary who was visiting Church on the Hill, Mike Santiago. He has been an ordained minister for 50 years serving in Zambia in Africa. His prayer for me was deeply encouraging.  Please pray for Mike and his wife Judy and for their ministry.

When I came home, Linda Jones stopped by to give me a poem she wrote called “Appointed.” Thank you, Linda, DSC00088for this gift of encouragement.

                                                  Every joyful moment of this life is like a lily,

like a flower growing in a field —

beautiful and wild, precious in God’s sight.

                                            ~ jb

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  1. Again, a beautiful tribute to your mother, my precious sister. You’re on your way. My prayers will be with you daily.

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