Gifts for Mother Health International from Church on the Hill


Yesterday I was at Church on the Hill in Vallejo where I had the chance to share with my brothers and sisters in Christ there about Mother Health International and my upcoming trip to serve as an assistant midwife at MHI’s birth center in northern Uganda. With the encouragement of Pastor Scott Peterson, I spoke briefly in two services and shared this slide show:


After church, I was blessed by Garth and Esmeralda Hopkins, who lead Divine Guidance Outreach Inc., because when they heard me announce in church that I needed supplies, they got five boxes of medical examination gloves from their vehicle and brought them to me in a big bag–immediately! This is the first donation of medical supplies that I have received, and it meant so much to me. Please pray that God will continue to expand the awesome ministry of Divine Guidance Outreach. And to Garth and Esmeralda, thank you!

Manny and Irma Espinoza, members of Church on the Hill, also saw the list of supplies needed, including my special request: a lightweight (so I can carry it!) laptop for the MHI Birth Center in Uganda. The birth center’s laptop was stolen recently, and it hasn’t been feasible to replace it yet, but the staff there are in need of a computer that is up-to-date for keeping medical records. Manny and Irma donated a LeNovo ThinkPad laptop (running Windows 7, 4 GB RAM, fully loaded up with great software – Word, Mozilla Firefox, etc.),  which I will bring with me for the midwives serving in Uganda. Please pray that God will continue bless Manny’s business as a driver in Napa Valley. And to Manny and Irma, thank you!

Before I left church, my friend Sandra prayed for me. She is the mother of ten children, and she has attended twenty-one births in the role of awesome-mama-friend. Her prayers encouraged my heart so much. Thank you, Sandra. You have a true midwife’s heart.

Thank you, God, for these gifts!

About Jane Beal

I’m a poet. When I was fifteen, I got my first regularly paying job as an optician, so I developed the habit of looking at things closely, through different lenses, and from different perspectives. I later became a professor and a midwife. So I like to share what I’ve learned with others in ways that are creative and meaningful, and I know how to care for pregnant mothers and welcome babies with love, which I’ve done in far-flung places like Chicago, Denver, San Francisco, Uganda, and the Philippines. I haven’t lost my faith in God despite everything I’ve seen – the opposite, rather – I am in awe of the Creator. I like zumba dancing and birdwatching. I love music. All of this (and more) goes into the poetry. Poetry bears witness to everything that matters in life.

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